The biggest mistake writers make: we write too much. The second mistake is: we show our work too soon. Give yourself the time. Writers don’t fail in Hollywood; they merely give up. If you give yourself the time, regarding getting the script ready and getting the career ready, you will succeed. Richard Walter

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BEYOND COURAGE SCREENPLAY 2016 (By Andrew Kaplan). One of the great true adventures of modern times: the 1925 Alaska Diphtheria epidemic and the attempt by dog-sledder Gunner Kassen to bring the lifesaving antitoxin to the desperate people of Nome through the blizzard of the century.

JESS-WAR-OCTOBER 2016 (By Don Hofmeister). A CIA Analyst gets unintentionally involved in a U.S. covert strategy to stop terrorist attacks.

SHORTCUT (By Don Hofmeister). A Palm Springs accountant yo-yos between women while he tries to apply Chaos Theory math to the California Lottery.

LAST DREAM HUNTER SCRIPT FINAL 2016 (Ray Lovato). Humanity is plunged into a battle of eternal nightmares stretching from the past, present and future: only one man stands in the way, and he is lost in a fantasy of his own.