This page directs you to resources if you are writing for the Big Screen, Netflix, Web-series, Television or Video games/contests.

ONLINE SCREENPLAYS (Also see our Screenplay Page of our members works in progress- click here)

Simply Scripts - Free

Daily Scripts – Historical scripts

Internet Movie Script Database – Current scripts

Screenplays For You - Free

Go Into The Story – 100 free scripts.

Free Screen play to read


DONE DEAL PROFESSIONAL offers perhaps the best database of all screenplay competitions in the nation.

THE MOVIEBYTES site provides a good list of screenwriting contests. Check it out for all the current information and reviews of screenwriting contests.

2016 – SCREEN CRAFTS - Screenwriting Contests- have a newsletter. Top ten best screenwriting contests to enter in 2016. Since the 1990s, there has been a steady growth of screenwriting contests, competitions, and fellowships — to the point where there seems to be an endless stream of them. How do you find the ones that are worthwhile to enter? When you’re considering your options, you should always ask yourself this simple question — what can I get out of this contest? This link provides a breakdown of the ten screenplay contests, competitions, labs and fellowships that you should be entering, with the sole goal of getting the most out of each and every one.

BEST SCREENWRITING FORUMS & MESSAGE BOARDS - While you can certainly learn screenwriting on your own, somewhere along the way you will need to network with like- minded people, asking for help when needed, and gracefully taking the criticism that comes with the process of learning a craft. Luckily for writers, there is a world of support that can easily be accessed online through several great screenwriting forums.

SCREENWRITING UNIVERSITY - The leading source for online courses on screenwriting.

FREE SCREENWRITING RESOURCES - The official blog of the famous BlackList site. Compiled by Scott Myers. A fantastic resource.

WHAT A SCRIPT – email and get free updates on skills.

One of the most interesting a valuable screenwriting sites we’ve found. Just the section on Dialogue alone is one of best seen and can make a great script almost by itself if you read over the 13 Rules.

WHAT A SCRIPT READER LOOKS FOR - part of Writers Store – dated 2014.

18 things the top Script Readers in Hollywood looks for in a script. An excellent checklist for your screenplay to see if it has what it takes.

SCREENWRITING AGENTS - Script Express Agent List



Hollywood Reporter

Deadline Hollywood

Indie Wire

Box Office Mojo


SCREENWRITING RESEARCH NETWORK - an international research group consisting of scholars, reflective practitioners and practice-based researchers interested in research on screenwriting. The aim is to rethink the screenplay in relation to its histories, theories, values and creative practices.

PUBLIC DOMAIN - The US public domain is filled with creative works you can use any way you want to. No need to ask anyone’s permission. No fees are necessary. For those thinking of adapting a book for a screenplay, this site will tell you if you can do so without getting permission.

SCREENPLAYOLOGY - An online center for screenplay studies. While the screenplay, in some form, has been the foundation of most narrative cinema in the U.S. for nearly 100 years, it has been all but entirely neglected by academia as an object of study or a literary work in its right. In recent years, a few scholars have begun to beat the drum for recognition of the American screenplay as literature, and this site aims to support that movement.

LETS MAKE A MOVIE - A site committed to connecting talent and creating content.  A platform for film enthusiasts to connect and network with each other. Whether you’re a filmmaker, technician or actor; create your FREE profile, search and connect with the LMAM community.

STORY IDEAS -150 Free Story Ideas. By Scott Meyer who runs the official blog of the famous Black List.

WEB SERIES  7 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Web Series


HOW TO WRITE A PROFESSIONAL SCREENPLAY - A short primer on how to write a professional screenplay by Richard Walter, Chairman of the UCLA Screenwriting Department. Well, worth spending time to read.

BEAT SHEET CALCULATOR - Calculate the beats in your script based on the page count.

SCRIBE MEETS WORLD – Ultimate story structure worksheet - how to outline your script.

WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA (WEST) - Register Your Screenplay

VIRTUAL PITCH FESTIVAL – excellent site to get a list of current producers and what they are seeking.

QUERY & PITCH LETTERS - It’s difficult to get a meeting in front of a producer or studio executive. Pitch or query letters are sent to producers or executives in an attempt to get a meeting or to get them to request a copy of your screenplay. They are one page long and serve as the primary tool to get screenwriters in front of producers and studios. See the links at the end of the samples for a few excellent short articles from industry leaders on how to write great pitch letters.


THE WRITERS STORE - Books, software, courses. The most complete location for the screenwriter.

SCRIPT MAGAZINE The largest online community of screenwriters. How to articles, interviews, blogs, events, education, resources, reviews.

LATEST HOLLYWOOD SCREENWRITING DIRECTORY - The latest edition of the best source for buyers of screenplays in Hollywood. Includes over 2,500 producers and production companies with verified contact information.

CREATIVE SCREENWRITING - Scribe to this newsletter..


2006, The Writers Guild of America, west (WGAw) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAe) announced the 101 Greatest Screenplays of all time.

SIMPLY SCRIPTS lists them all, and you can download them.


SCRIPT-O-RAMA Good source for T.V. Scripts

TV SCRIPT STANDARDS - While the nuts and bolts of formatting a pilot script for television are essentially the same as that of a feature film, there are some fundamental differences between the two mediums. Feature film writing is all about telling a story that can be contained within the confines of a three-act, two-hour film, but television is about finding ways to expand the story and characters to grow and change over multiple hours and (if you’re lucky) seasons. Great advice from The Black List.

TV PILOT KIT – WRITERS STORE - This kit includes elements that guide you through your Pilot Proposal, including logline, plot, and acts, along with a Character Map for determining your cast and their motivations. Plus, you’ll find illustrated examples using the pilot of How I Met Your Mother.

EXAMPLE OF TV PILOT BIBLE - Many feel that the greatest dramatic series ever on television was the series The Wire. Here is the original Bible for The Wire. Read this to see the birth of perhaps television’s greatest dramatic series. A fantastic learning tool - The Wire -Bible



IMPROVE-YOUR-ODDS-OF-WINNING-A-SCREENPLAY-CONTEST - summary of screenplay form and technique that can make your screenplay look more professional. An article from Script Magazine on improving your chances of winning a screenwriting contest.

Protect Your Work

Make sure you always copyright your work. Do not mail your script to yourself (the poor man's copyright) and expect to be protected. This is extremely foolish and offers very little, if any, protection in a court of law. Register your script with the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress and/or the Writers Guild of America. Fees for either service are only twenty dollars. If you're serious about your work, it makes good sense to register your script with both services.
The Library of Congress/U.S. Copgyright Office: Register your script with the U.S. Copyright Office by filing out a FORM PA and returning it with twenty ($20) and two (2) copies of your screenplay. Registering your copyright with the Library of Congress will serve to authenticate your claim to copyright should a dispute arise. Library of Congress copyright registration lasts your lifetime plus fify (50) years.

Writers Guild of America: Registration with the Writers Guild offers similar protection with respect specifically to claims of authorship and date of completion. A copy of your script and twenty ($20) will register your screenplay with the Writers Guild for ten (10) years. This registration is renewable for an additional ten years. The WGA has two offices. One in Los Angeles know as the WGA West, and one in New York, WGA East. If you live east of the Mississippi river you should register with the New York office, and if you live west of the Mississippi you should register with the WGAw. The WGA provides immediate documentation if you hand carry your script to their offices. If you mail your registration, you will receive documentation in a week or less. They are very efficient. On the other hand, the last time we checked, the Library of Congress was taking around 26 weeks to document copyright registrations


Read More about Copyright of Screenplay here